Day-Of Coordination


The initial consultation:

We will sit to discuss how you envision your wedding. This is the opportunity for us to get to know one another. I will get to know a bit about your location, the style of wedding, what kind of services your wedding will have. All of these will help determine what type of timeline you need and how to better help you the Bride!

Month before wedding:

This week we will begin emailing, calls or sit down (depending on package) to go over the timeline together. I will gather the contact information for your vendors. This way I can make sure they all arrive and set up in a timely matter. This also allows me to coordinate with your photographer and DJ to make sure your wedding goes as smoothly as possible.

Week before wedding:

Now is the time to go over all the final details of your timeline. If you have any photographs, pinterest boards, or inspiration ideas for how you want your wedding set up- I want to see them! During this week if we can do a walk-through of the venue, now is the time. I wan’t everything to be absolutely perfect for your special day. After our meeting, I will be sending the final timeline to all of your vendors so make sure I have their contact information!

Rehearsal (optional):

Practice makes perfect! It also gives everyone a chance to unwind before the big day. Today I assist you in a walk-through of how your wedding party will proceed down the aisle. If you have a large wedding party I highly, highly recommend this option. It also allows a moment for me to discuss with anyone who may be giving a toast. I can go over it with them privately to make sure there are no surprises or mishaps. Bridal party gifts can be exchanged early jitters can be shed. If your venue does not offer rehearsal, a backyard is often a simple substitute for the occasion! I will help to set up and make the event magical.

Day-of Wedding:

Hello Wedding Godmother! I arrive early and begin setting up your big day, making sure chairs are perfectly arranged and flowers are in place. I will do a top to bottom finish to make sure your ceremony is exactly the way it should be. Centerpieces will be aligned, flower petals scattered. From place cards to programs and ushering guests, my brides receive top to bottom services.

I will be there to handle family meltdowns and happy occasions, arrange the wedding party as they are escorted down the aisle and keep toasts simple and sweet. My job is to keep the tempo and make sure that transitions are smooth from first dance to cutting the cake. The photographer will always know where to find you so they do not miss a shot!

The most important part of your schedule, however, is the honeymoon half hour!
This is the time for the newlyweds to take a moment and celebrate one another without the crowd. To simply say “We did it, we are married!!”

Dependent upon package, at the end of the day I will be there to help supervise and direct clean up and tear down. Ensuring that everything is put in its place.

Coordination from A-Z, equipped with my emergency wedding kit, and ready to make sure your wedding day goes off without a hitch!



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