That Wedding Glow

It is your big day and getting ready is one of the most intimate moments of your day. 
You are working through all those butterflies, looking at yourself in the mirror in your dress-the Dress-preparing yourself for your significant other to see you in it for the first time. 

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 MUA-James Elle  Photo by RynAshley Photo

MUA-James Elle  Photo by RynAshley Photo

Your makeup artist will be there to make you to feel absolutely radiant. However they provide so much more than that service. Your artist should be someone who helps you shake those jitters and helps you smile, easing you into a confidence that empowers you to feel your best self. They will not make you feel like you are wearing a mask, but instead play on all of your features to make sure the person you see in the mirror and in photos is still 100% you. Most of all your artist should make you laugh with joy. 

 Bride-Cindy Chaffee photo by RynAshley Photo

Bride-Cindy Chaffee photo by RynAshley Photo

That being said you should always make sure your makeup artist is a true professional. Here is a list of helpful questions you should be asking your artist:

  • Where did you get your education and training?
  • What kind of experience do you have in the field?
  • What is your rate?
  • Do you do a test run?
  • Do I keep extra lipstick/powder for touch-ups on my big day?
  • Do I want eyelashes? Do they cost extra?
  • Do you offer discounts on my bridal party?
  • Do you offer hair styling as well?
  • Do I place a deposit and when are all of the fees due?

Try sitting down with any potential makeup artist, photographer, planner, or private wedding vendor for coffee before you hire them. It is so important to get a feel for how your personalities fit! They contribute in a big way to how you experience your wedding day and you should make sure that you have nothing but the best! 


You can see more of the Makeup Artists work at her webpage here