Working on our "Espressos"

So first blog post on the site--here we go. I guess the best direction I could possibly go in is to let you know what makes me tick.

Yesterday my daughter shows me a surprise she has for me in the play room. She has pulled a full sized blanket over her play house and play kitchen and placed her wooden chair directly in front of it. "Okay mom, grab the camera". Oh darlin' these are the moments when I want to parade the streets and celebrate you. These were all her. She told me we were working on being "espresso" (expressive). I love her big creative soul more than words. I love that when I feel like the world has me dizzy and I can't find the time to stand still, she grounds me...reels me in. 

So I want to take a moment to talk about my muse. My love and light. My Ella Bug. Who has a soul so big it dances on the ceiling and into the sky. It stretches up and kisses the sun shaking the earth saying "I am here and I am proud". She tests me, she dares me, she tells me no. There are so many times when we do not see eye to eye. Oh my goodness, more times than I can count! She also is bold and brave. She knows what she needs and who she is. I couldn't be more proud to say that I am her mother. I couldn't be more proud than to say that she is my Ella, my darling dear.