Get Out and Explore

Sometimes I thank my stars and count my blessings because my career path is one giant adventure. Recently I was able to take my wildlings on an exploration through the woods to find the perfect venue. 

We struck gold at our favorite secret spot. It was everything I could have wanted and more. From the diversity in space, the vibes, large trees and a small running creek. It was a little slice of perfection. 

My little explorers helped me brave the outdoors as I visioned and mapped out my dream wedding-scape.

I could not be more excited for what is yet to come....So stay tuned. 

That Wedding Glow

It is your big day and getting ready is one of the most intimate moments of your day. 
You are working through all those butterflies, looking at yourself in the mirror in your dress-the Dress-preparing yourself for your significant other to see you in it for the first time. 

ceremony (5 of 105).jpg
 MUA-James Elle  Photo by RynAshley Photo

MUA-James Elle  Photo by RynAshley Photo

Your makeup artist will be there to make you to feel absolutely radiant. However they provide so much more than that service. Your artist should be someone who helps you shake those jitters and helps you smile, easing you into a confidence that empowers you to feel your best self. They will not make you feel like you are wearing a mask, but instead play on all of your features to make sure the person you see in the mirror and in photos is still 100% you. Most of all your artist should make you laugh with joy. 

 Bride-Cindy Chaffee photo by RynAshley Photo

Bride-Cindy Chaffee photo by RynAshley Photo

That being said you should always make sure your makeup artist is a true professional. Here is a list of helpful questions you should be asking your artist:

  • Where did you get your education and training?
  • What kind of experience do you have in the field?
  • What is your rate?
  • Do you do a test run?
  • Do I keep extra lipstick/powder for touch-ups on my big day?
  • Do I want eyelashes? Do they cost extra?
  • Do you offer discounts on my bridal party?
  • Do you offer hair styling as well?
  • Do I place a deposit and when are all of the fees due?

Try sitting down with any potential makeup artist, photographer, planner, or private wedding vendor for coffee before you hire them. It is so important to get a feel for how your personalities fit! They contribute in a big way to how you experience your wedding day and you should make sure that you have nothing but the best! 


You can see more of the Makeup Artists work at her webpage here

12th Annual Summer Meltdown

Yesterday I had the pleasure of working at the 12th Annual Summer Meltdown Autism Awareness and Social Inclusion Live Art and Music Festival.  I got to hold my annual position of controlling the VIP/Artist Passes. Or as I like to call it "keeper of the list"

This event is held very near and dear to both mine and my husband's hearts. Growing up with family on the spectrum has made the reality of how so many of these children are treated in society all too close to home. The reality of how many are misunderstood in their own homes is personal for me as well. And then you have Yes I Can and Summer Meltdown, giving these kids a voice that is saying "HELLO WORLD! WE ARE HERE, WE ARE BEAUTIFUL AND LOOK AT WHAT WE CAN ACCOMPLISH" and my goodness what fantastic wonders have they accomplished. My goodness being a part of this program, of Yes I Can and the Summer Meltdown, is the most healing thing I have ever done with my life. 

We had such incredible bands come out to support us this year. Our wonderful headliners of course-- Pepper, Nahko, and The Expendables. (I won't even try to deny how excited I was to hear we would be having Pepper, especially when they opened with "Ashes", the song that got me through  hundreds of tearful drives on the freeway where I just sang out loud and off key until I would wind up at some beach somewhere.) We also had some amazing familiar faces. My personal favorites to see back this year were Seedless, Papafish, Mystic Roots, and Ease Up.  

I hope the world can see how beautiful this event truly is. What it means, what it does. Because it isn't just one day, that is a laugh. If it were "one day" that would be so easy. This is a year of planning, stressing, fundraising, networking. This is a year of children testing their limits, learning how to slowly test the boundaries of their comfort zones. This is a year of Yes I Canners running for Home Coming Court and their peers knowing their names. This is a year of high fives and hellos. This is another year where we can educate a future generation that EVERYONE is beautiful and EVERYONE is valuable. This EVENT is a LIFESTYLE.

I will be proud every day that I have been a part of something so much greater than I will ever be.


Working on our "Espressos"

So first blog post on the site--here we go. I guess the best direction I could possibly go in is to let you know what makes me tick.

Yesterday my daughter shows me a surprise she has for me in the play room. She has pulled a full sized blanket over her play house and play kitchen and placed her wooden chair directly in front of it. "Okay mom, grab the camera". Oh darlin' these are the moments when I want to parade the streets and celebrate you. These were all her. She told me we were working on being "espresso" (expressive). I love her big creative soul more than words. I love that when I feel like the world has me dizzy and I can't find the time to stand still, she grounds me...reels me in. 

So I want to take a moment to talk about my muse. My love and light. My Ella Bug. Who has a soul so big it dances on the ceiling and into the sky. It stretches up and kisses the sun shaking the earth saying "I am here and I am proud". She tests me, she dares me, she tells me no. There are so many times when we do not see eye to eye. Oh my goodness, more times than I can count! She also is bold and brave. She knows what she needs and who she is. I couldn't be more proud to say that I am her mother. I couldn't be more proud than to say that she is my Ella, my darling dear.