Meet the girl behind Intimate Gatherings...


Koryn Arner

Photographer + Coordinator + Wedding Stylist

I loved art from the moment I could breathe. Creating, no matter the medium, it is my medicine for life. I feel creating an event, especially a celebration of love and life, to be a beautiful work of art."


I am the kind of girl who sings along to every song on the radio, windows down and the volume cranked up. I drink way to many lattes but I prefer my coffee black and out of a foldger's can. I love the smell of campfires and would spend my life in the mountains if possible. Oh and pie... pie beats cake any day of the week. 

My greatest accomplishment in life is being a mother. I love to dance around the house with my littles and finger paint in our pajamas. Pillow forts are an art form. I am lucky enough to be parenting alongside my best friend who is in all ways my counterpart. Our day to day life does not have to be full of world travels and exotic stories, it is already an amazing adventure. We may not be perfect, but we fit perfectly together. 


Each couple I work with has their own beautiful love story. Finding your soulmate, your perfect half, is something that is so significant that you create a singular day to celebrate that love. Your wedding becomes a day to signify that promise to love one another unconditionally. 

My business is the business of people. Intimate Gatherings is built on a foundation of you, my clients. Your lives, your stories, your loves. This is not just a Wedding  business, I want to know how you are doing. How can I help you? I want to laugh with you, be your friend, your confidant. Don't be surprised when all is said and done that I might shed a few tears as you say your vows! 


My promise is to be completely authentic with my clients. Tell me about your day, even if it was a bad one. I am there to listen. I want to know your love story. Goodness, I am so in love with your love story. We will build this spectacular moment together and make sure it reflects everything you both are. We will make magic and you will take the first step on this incredible adventure with your partner.